Pic of the Day – Stunning Sunset

Sunsets are always beautiful, fleeting things, but every now and then they transcend into the truly spectacular. This was one of those sunsets. Taken from the stern of a live aboard dive boat, in eastern Indonesia, with a yummy rum punch in one hand, and a camera in the other, surrounded by (oohing and aahing) great buds.

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Pic of The Day – Spinecheek Anemone Fish

My diving buds know that I am a bit nuts about anemone fish. I just can’t swim past an anemone inhabited by these cute and colourful little fish without trying my luck at getting a pleasing shot. They are frustrating to photograph though, as they are in perpetual motion. They scoot all around and burrow into their host anemones, especially when divers or other perceived predators approach. Patience is required ūüėČ.

Anemone fish and their host anemones enjoy a fairly complex symbiotic relationship – among other mutual benefits, the anemone fish aerates the anemone with its constant motion, and possibly attracts prey to the anemone (which is a carnivorous, stationary animal, with a mouth). The little fish rub themselves frequently on the anemone to coat themselves in the anemone’s toxins, to which they are immune, and which protects them from predators. Quite often there will be a mated pair, and sometimes a family with little ones, living on a single anemone.

This Spinecheek Anemone fish (a cousin of Nemo) was alone in his little bubble anemone, so probably a juvenile just starting to live independently. If there had been a female Spinecheek with him, she would have been larger, and a darker, duskier red. All anemone fish start out as males. They undergo sex change to female based on social order, so this little guy very well could be a mama soon.

Image captured in Alor, Indonesia.

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Pic of the Day – Alor, Indonesia Old School Fisherman

And now for something a little different. This fellow peering down at me as I took pictures from under his canoe is a local fisherman in the Alor area of Indonesia. These guys hand make bamboo fish traps, and place them on the reef. Then they paddle their side rigger dug out canoes to the traps, and use their hand made goggles to look down and keep an eye on them. They also free dive to spear fish.

The hardest part about getting a shot like this is holding your breath for long enough that you don’t get your exhaled bubbles in the shot.

One of these days, I really should do a write up for this trip. The diving was wonderful Рan excellent combination of muck and gorgeous reefs. Topside was interesting as well Рsome very pretty sunsets, lovely mountain  islands dotted with rural villages, and behemoth blue whales, spotted several times!

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Pic of the Day – Thread Fin Hawkfish

I have a scary number of underwater images in the hopper – three trips’ worth, truth be told. I have been sharing a few on Facebook and Instagram (you can find me there – Judy G Diver), but I have been slow to mirror the images here on the blog.

So here is one to get the ball rolling (again)…

This is a little thread fin hawkfish, perched on pretty in pink soft coral. These skittish little fish (read: very frustrating to photograph) grow to a maximum of 3 inches in length. I captured this image at a depth of about 90 feet, on a muck site, in the Alor area of Indonesia.

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New Zealand – You Beach!

It’s been a bit of a whirl of travel over the past few months. In addition to some regularly scheduled dive and Berlin biz trips this year, a couple of other opportunities have arisen¬†– one – in absence of any kids who could join us for Christmas this year, Mr G and I decided to make a hop over to the Philippines, to enjoy some (more) of the great diving there. We dove both Puerto Galera, and Anilao on this trip – which are both quite easy to reach from Manila, and don’t require a domestic flight, as the linked trip above to Dumaguete did. For the most part, it was (great) muck diving, but I did do a couple of dives with the wide angle on, to try to capture some reef scenics. There was some pretty big excitement on Dec 26th, when we found ourselves in the direct path of a very destructive typhoon! It was a bit scary, but we were fortunate to be in a safe location, from which we could watch the crazy weather happen. And amazingly, we were back diving the following day!

I have been sharing a few pix from this trip on my Instagram and Facebook, and I hope to find some time to do a bit of a trip report which I will post here. You can follow me on both sites – Judy G Diver – if you would like to see more of the photos.

I also added a trip to New Zealand to visit one of our kids who is on a prolonged stay there. It was my first time in Kiwiland (I don’t count a flight connection in Auckland on a previous trip to Australia, as we never left the airport). And what a place it is. We did a two week driving tour through some of the prettiest scenery I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I was pretty gobsmacked by the beautiful wild beaches, the pointy volcanoes, the boiling mud, the millions (!!!) of wooly sheep dotting golden¬†hillsides, the cobalt blue lakes, the twisty scenic highways. And don’t even get me started on Milford Sound. Epically beautiful – and we lucked out and got a bluebird day to tour it. Again, I hope to do some sort of trip report, much like the one I did for our brief driving holiday on the west coast of Ireland. As always, it is not about showing off my photography, but instead, it is a desire to share information and experience with others…

So I’ll say ciao for now. More soon.

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Getting Mucky With It

Zebra Crab on a fire urchin. These little crabs are about half an inch across the top of their shell.

My apologies for my long absence from the blog. I don’t know where life goes – but it seems to be whizzing by. Lots of travel and other events are keeping me hopping.

Since I last blogged, I’ve been diving in Indonesia (Bali and Alor), and in the Philippines (Puerto Galera and Anilao). I do have lots of photos and info to share from these adventures. When life slows down a bit, I will commit to making more regular posts here.

In the meantime, if you are on Facebook, you can follow me if you’d like, and see my more frequent postings, including photo shares, here – Judy G Diver. ¬†Select the “follow” button, and my stuff will show up in your feed. You can also follow me on Instagram if you search with the same name (Judy G Diver).

It’s also been a while since I had a gallery published by Scuba Diving Magazine. Here is one about dirty diving, which was recently added:

Getting Mucky With It

I’ll be back soon…

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Pic of the Day – Flamboyant Critters

After the deluge of posts about a trip to India, and then the rant about BC real estate, I’ve taken a little down time to take care of some stuff on the home front. But as I am now on deadline for my next photo essay for Scuba Diving Magazine, I once again find myself diving into the archives to cull out images.

This month I will be writing about Muck Diving – and trying to explain why, despite its descriptive name, many underwater photogs go nuts for it.  I’ll also be sharing some images of the very weird and wonderful critters that tend to live in the muck.

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Hitting the G Spot


Today, I am feeling a tad crabby.

A few years ago, Mr G and I went on a search for a property where we hoped to have a weekend cottage. Our criteria were pretty firm Р relatively easy water access for water activities (and ideally, shore diving), not too far from Vancouver, lots of light. We got lucky and found our little piece of heaven, including the shore dive, right before the axe fell.

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A Passage in India (& Nepal) – Part 7 – Wrapping the Trip in Khatmandu

The Himalayas, which divide India from Nepal.

To go back to the beginning of this 7 chapter travelogue, follow this link:

Chapter 1 – Just Say No to Delhi Belly

After the hell, fire and brimstone of an evening in Varanasi (and then the redeeming beautiful morning after), we packed up our bags yet again, and headed for Khatmandu.

Since the devastating earthquake of April 2015, tourism has hugely suffered in Nepal. Direct flights from Varanasi are currently cancelled, and the only way to get there from Varanasi was to fly back to Delhi, and then connect there for the Khatmandu leg. So it was a bit of a roundabout journey, but fortunately Delhi International Airport is quite new and modern. Bonnie once again demonstrated her fantastic organizational skills in keeping us wrangled and ticketed, and so other than the usurious price for a beer at the airport bar, it was all good.

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Pic of the Day – Chain Moray Eel

Chain Moray Eel

Ready for my close up.

This is a picture of a Chain Moray Eel (Echidna catenata) that I captured in Roatan, Honduras. This variety of eel can grow up to 24 inches long. Although I couldn’t see the body of this one, as it was all tucked down into a coral head, I would guess that it was a juvenile – the head was not very large.

Eels are fish – very looooooong fish. When I looked up this guy in my ID book, I was surprised to see how many varieties of eels there are in the Caribbean – at least ten types of moray eels, plus snake eels, garden eels, and conger eels. Who knew? I thought the tropical Pacific had the corner on the eel biodiversity thing…

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Scuba Diving Magazine Feature – Cuckoo for CoCo View

Prince Albert Wreck, Cocoview, Roatan, Honduras

Prince Albert Wreck, CoCo View House Reef, Roatan, Honduras

Here is a link to this month’s photo feature for Scuba Diving Magazine (online). The images in this gallery were captured on a recent trip¬†CoCo View Dive Resort, on Roatan Island in Honduras. It was a fun reunion group trip, and despite the less than optimal conditions (and a camera housing fubar two-thirds of the way into the trip that made capturing images very frustrating), we had a great time.

This was my second outing with the new mirrorless camera set up I bought last December. Other than the housing shutter control glitch (which has been sent in for repair), I am really enjoying shooting this new, lightweight rig. One of the camera’s features is that it allows for varying image dimensions to be shot out of the box – so the images in this gallery are not cropped to be these varying¬†shapes – I shot them all deliberately that way, depending on the scene/composition I was going for.

Also of note, all of the images in this gallery were shot on CoCo View’s excellent house reef. I will be doing a second gallery in the coming months featuring images shot on boat dives from the resort.

Click here to go see the full gallery and article.

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A Passage in India (& Nepal) – Part 6 – Learning and Burning in Varanasi


A road less traveled in India.

When I last left you, we had a big day in Khajuraho, touring some super sexy temples, and experiencing some amazing Ayurvedic massage therapy.

The next morning, we were up at dark o’thirty, for an (optional) jeep safari tour in a national park near Khajuraho, where there was a chance that we might see an Indian tiger or two, in the wild. Later that morning, we were scheduled to fly to Varanasi, our last stop in¬†India. After that, we would be flying to Khatmandu in Nepal, for a quickie tour of the broken city, before heading home. So yes, this epic serial trip report is almost a wrap.

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Scuba Diving Magazine Feature – Thailand – Open Wide and Say Ahhhh!


Here is a link to my most recently published feature for Scuba Divimg Magazine (online). This gallery of wide angle images was taken on my January 2016 trip to Thailand. This was my third trip to dive in Thailand, and my first outing with the new camera Рan Olympus OMD Mark II in a Nauticam housing. There was a bit of a steep learning curve, mostly to do with the new Sea & Sea strobes, but by the end of the week I was loving the new, much lighter-weight set up.

Here is the most recent story and pictures from Thailand:

Open Wide and Say Ahhhh!!!

As far as the diving went – I think it was the best yet I have done in this part of the world. For past trip reports, which contain loads of detail about traveling and diving in Thailand, you can follow these two links:

Awoosh Thailand 2011

Awoosh Thailand 2008


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A Passage in India (& Nepal) – Part 5 – Sexy Temples & Buck Naked Rubs in the Indian Outback

More monkey business in India.

As I mentioned in the first chapter of this saga,¬†I have heard it opined that if you haven’t sh*t your pants, you haven’t really experienced India.

The same may be true about taking a train in India, which although less traumatic than fecal incontinence, can be an unsettling experience, especially if you need to use the super grotty loos ;^)

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A (True) Story – The Water’s Edge


It doesn’t matter who you are, the first time you put a regulator in your mouth and go under the water more than a snorkel length, every fibre of your being tells you that it is not a good thing.

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Pic of the Day – Sand Diver

Se√Īor Sand Diver – Roatan, Honduras

As I beaver away on a new photo gallery and write up for Scubadiving Magazine about our recent trip to CoCo View Resort in Roatan, Honduras, I thought I’d continue to share a pic or two¬†on the blog.

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A Passage in India (& Nepal) – Part 4 – Agra


A view of the Taj Mahal, from the Red Fort

On the road again, this time for the long drive from Jaipur to Agra – the site of the splendiferous Taj Mahal.

This is the fourth chapter in this series. You will find the previous instalments here:

Chapter 1 – Just Say No to Delhi Belly
Chapter 2 – Delhi – Walking in Gandhi’s Footsteps
Chapter 3 – Colliding Worlds in Jaipur

By now, we are getting in the groove of the rhythm of this thing. Up early, repack suitcase (which does get a bit old as we stayed in many different places during the tour), leisurely breakfast at the hotel, then on the bus at the appointed hour (and remember РIndian Stretchable Time does not apply!)

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Pic of the Day – Damselfish


A break from the India serial blogging.

After the amazing adventure in India in February with the ladies, Mr G and I were very fortunate to travel to Roatan in Honduras in March, to join in on a large ‘reunion’ dive trip.

We stayed and dove at CoCo View Resort – and it was generally pretty great. I hope to find some time in the future to write something about it. I will definitely be sharing some pictures from the trip in the coming months.

Here is a picture of a cute little damselfish (about 4 inches in length). These pretty little flitters are cousins of anemonefish, about which I previously have shared my obsession. These small fish (both damsels and anemonefish) can be frustrating to photograph, as they are constantly in motion. At times, usually when nesting, they can be quite aggressive, and have been known to nip divers.

So, basically, they are charming little b*stards ;^)

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A Passage in India (& Nepal) – Part 3 – Worlds Colliding in Jaipur

Rajasthani Greeter

So, we’ve left Delhi, and are now on the big bus for the long drive to Jaipur – the pink city.

If you missed the previous India blogs, they are here:

Part 1 – Just Say No to Delhi Belly

Part 2 – Walking in Gandhi’s Footsteps

Delhi to Jaipur was a long haul, with hours of peering out the side windows of the bus, watching India whizz by. I kept my camera at the ready, hoping to capture some of the scenery. As I mentioned earlier in this thing, shooting out of the side window of a fast moving bus is not very satisfactory, but I did manage to get a few decent pix to try to illustrate the experience. Continue reading

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A Passage in India (and Nepal) – Part 2 – Walking in Gandhi’s Footsteps


So, when I last left you dangling, we were all tucked into our beds¬†in our very nice rooms at Le Meridien in central Delhi, sleeping off (with the help of some pharmaceuticals) the long and not very restful flight in the back of the bus on the Air India flight from JFK. Delhi¬†is 11 1/2 hours ahead of Vancouver – so pretty much half way around the world. It doesn’t matter how much I travel (and I travel quite a bit), that kind of time change will seriously fook me up. So I usually take sleeping pills, for at least a¬†few days, to try to turn things around.

The tour we were on really only offers one full day in Delhi, which is enough to take in some of the many attractions, and get a bit of a feel for this huge, sprawling, smoggy city, with a population estimated at over 16 million. I am not sure how accurate any kind of census could really be, as there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people living in the streets, and in the sprawling slums. Add to that the thousands and thousands of tourists, both Indian and international. and there are one heck of a lot of people banging into each other in this capital city of India.

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