Pic of the Day – In Plain Sight

I am working today on this month’s piece for Scuba Diving Magazine and thought I’d take a quick break to blurt a blog and share another shot from the Philippines trip – the library of images through which I am surfing to find stuff that fits this month’s theme – critters that hide in plain sight.

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Pic of the Day – Confession of Obsession

Okay, I’ll confess – I think I have a (slightly) obsessive personality. Fortunately, the stuff I tend to obsess over is generally pretty positive. I don’t obsess about my weight, our kids, money, cleanliness, nor, the biggie these days – aging (although I have to suppress regret about all the sun worshipping I did when I was young and stupid – as an example I used to go Spring skiing with baby oil slathered on my face! What a doofus!).

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Pic of the Day – Yawning Napoleon Snake Eel

Man, two image blogs in a week? I am on a roll ;^)


This is another shot I captured last Fall in the Philippines. On this part of the trip, we were still doing some land-based muck diving out of Atlantis Dumaguete Resort, before boarding the Atlantis Azores live aboard for a week of exploring and diving a portion of the southeast Philippines.

One site in particular kept coughing up some incredible stuff – blue ring octopus, poison ocellate octopus, several pairs of flamboyant cuttlefish, hairy frogfish, pipefishes, and this – a Napoleon Snake Eel, which I luckily caught mid-yawn.

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Pic of the Day – Neon Nudibranch

Well, here I am again, after a very long hiatus from blogging.

Last week I posted a link to a piece I wrote about a trip to the Philippines, which was just published in Scuba Diving Magazine.

I had to pretty ruthlessly curate the many images I captured on the trip, to pare it down to 20 or so underwater shots that I thought fairly represented the highlights of the diving we did. I have many more that I think (hope) are worthy of sharing, and I thought I would start with this, a Nembrotha kurbayana nudibranch.

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Scuba Diving Magazine – A Taste of the Philippines

Here is a link to February’s submission for Scuba Diving Magazine. In this piece I review the Atlantis Dumaguete Resort, as well as the Atlantis Azores live aboard, and share some information and images from what was a great trip.

I loved the Philippines and will definitely be looking to do more trips to this part of the world.

A Taste of the Philippines


Scuba Diving Magazine Feature – All About, er, Me…

At the beginning of January, the editors at Scuba Diving Magazine tasked me with curating my library of images and pulling out a dozen or so of my favourites. In addition, they wanted me to give them some background about me. I stalled and procrastinated, and stalled some more. In the immortal words of Shirley Valentine, I’ve lead such a little life. Trying to share some background that would be of interest to my Scuba Diving Magazine audience was not so easy for me.

Anyhoo, I finally got ‘er done, and this is what I coughed up…

Behind The Lens – Judy G


Scuba Diving Magazine Feature – Oh Baby!

I am very behind in blogging my Scuba Diving Magazine monthly features. In fact, I am very behind in blogging. Period. My bad.

This past year has been a wild and crazy journey in building a house. It has kept me very very busy – so much so that the blog, and almost everything else that is non-essential has dropped to the wayside.

Now that we are almost all settled in, I hope to get back to blogging with more regularity. Today I will blast up three links to recent work for the magazine. One of these days, when the dust finally settles, I hope to find some time to write more detail and vignettes about the trip to the Philippines we took last fall, and to share more pics than those I had published this month in the mag.

Here was December’s submission – all about baby critters under the sea. Lately I have been grooving on finding eggs and juveniles. Who knows what the next obsession, er, focus will be ;^)

Oh Baby!

Oh Baby

Throw Back Thursday – Hitting the G Spot

Awoosh.com Images

Thursdays seem to have become the day for dredging up images from the past. This past week I had a query from my cousin in New Zealand about the Galapagos, which he hopes to visit (and dive) next summer. In addition to giving him some info and links to resources, I also directed him to an experiential photo essay I put together from my first trip there in 2003 – which was one of the first photo essay style trip reports I ever cranked out. It was well received on the Scubadiving.com forum where I shared it, and so motivated me to continue to shoot pictures, write about them, and share my stuff.

Revisiting this work all these years later brought the trip back to life for me – the sheer awe, the joy, the camaraderie, and the comedy :^)

So, it’s a bit of an oldie – but hopefully a goodie. I’d like to think I’ve come a fair ways as an underwater photographer since these early days with a camera, but the image I shared above, of Twang and the Whale Shark, which was shot on this trip with an Oly 4040Z digicam, remains one of my favourite images to date.

And I would love to go back to the Galapagos again, before my arse gets too old to do this kind of adrenaline diving.

Hitting The G Spot – A Galapagos Photo Essay

Scuba Diving Magazine Feature: Where in the World is Wallace?


Here is a link to June’s instalment – this one all about the Wallace Line – an imaginary boundary that runs through southeast Asia that divides Asian and Australian ecosystems, and introduces some hybrid species in the process.

You’ll find the full article and image gallery here —-> Where in the World is Wallace?

Scuba Diving Magazine Features: Liberty Wreck (Bali) & Diving With The Kids


I have been super busy over the past few months with a big domestic project, which I hopefully will find some time to blog about in the coming months. Suffice to say for now that we are building the dream ;^)

I have had a couple of photo essays published in Scuba Diving Magazine since I last blogged. January’s instalment was all about diving the wonderful Liberty Wreck in Tulamben, Bali.

And just published a few days ago – a piece about Diving With The Kids – which shares images and stories about how our three daughters came to be certified and ultimately very competent divers. I also tried to offer some insights into deciding when your kids are ready, and some of the risks attached to diving with your youngsters.


Trip Report: Wakatobi Dive Resort, Indonesia


The long house at Wakatobi – which was the original lodge. The resort has grown to include a separate dining area and numerous guest bungalows. The long house now serves as main reception, camera room, dive center, boutique and nice lounging area.

Wakatobi had been on my wishlist for many years – spoken of (and written about) with reverence, and illustrated by the images of some top tier photographers, I had heard it  described as the “nicest dive resort in the world, with a fantastic house reef”.

With that description, it became a siren call that could not be ignored.

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