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The Komodo Chronicles – Part 3 – Champagne Diving & Nudibranch Dreams

So you might be wondering, what is it like to dive near an active volcano? The answer, in the case of Sangeyang, is: effervescent, warm, and slightly freaky (one has to consider that if the thing is simmering, it could … Continue reading

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Here We Are, Yet Again…

I have been warming up to the idea of working on the next chapter of the Komodo adventure (amidst the Christmas chaos), but the recent events in Connecticut have been playing heavily in my mind, and make my photo blogging … Continue reading

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The Komodo Chronicles – Part 2 – Rock ‘n Roll

After an overnight navigation (never my favourite part of live aboard dive trips, more about that mild, but fairly founded phobia, in a future instalment ;^), we woke up to the beautiful sunrise featured above, and found ourselves at Gili … Continue reading

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