Pic of the Day – Canoodling Cuttlefish

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Broadclub Cuttlefish – Sepia latimanus

It’s no secret, I love cuttlefish. I could watch them all day. Inquisitive, seemingly intelligent, quick to colour and pattern change – these are fascinating animals to encounter on a dive.

Cuttlefish belong to the same family as octopus and squid. All of these critters can change their colours (instantly!) to camouflage themselves in their environment and/or to send signals to others of their species.

This pair of Broadclub Cuttlefish were caught in flagrante delicto at Richelieu Rock, in Thailand. The mating sequence involves a head to head encounter. The male then transfers a sperm sac, via a specialized tentacle with which he is equipped. The female will carry the sperm sac, near her mouth, while the male protects her from other male suitors, fertilize it, and then tuck away the fertilized egg for safekeeping somewhere on the reef.

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