Here We Are, Yet Again…

I have been warming up to the idea of working on the next chapter of the Komodo adventure (amidst the Christmas chaos), but the recent events in Connecticut have been playing heavily in my mind, and make my photo blogging seem inconsequential and irreverent by comparison.

I can only imagine the profound grief of losing a child.  The inexplicable nature of this kind of murderous rampage only makes the loss even more incomprehensible.

One of the most poignant pieces I’ve read over the past few days (in the flotsam of pro-gun/anti-gun internet wars of words popping up on social media, and in forums on news sites, etc etc) is this essay by an American journalist about her own troubled teenaged son —> I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother.

Less guns would be good. More treatment for mentally ill people would be good. But in my heart, I know that these kinds of horrible events are just going to keep on keeping on.

I think the mother who wrote the article linked above knows this too.

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